HEINRICH GRÜNEWALD INDUSTRIEOFENBAU is a medium-sized company which has now been in the family for three generations. In 1924, the original founder of our company, HEINRICH GRÜNEWALD, succeeded in annealing steel with a bright finish by exclusion of atmospheric oxygen.The most essential feature of this invention was to seal the room with the annealing material charge by means of a water cooled, elastic o-ring seal.

Heinrich Grünewald Industrieofenbau

Even today, this special constructional element is important for the safety of bright annealing plants of the latest generation where pure hydrogen is used as protective gas.

Not without good reason, one can say that the past is the key to the present and the mirror of the future.

We have the know how. In close dialogue with our customers, we develop individual solutions which are particularly tailored for each application. We even try to accomodate our customers with special designs at competitive prices.

Besides many years of experience in design and manufacture of industrial furnaces, our company owned annealing shop is an important link between project and application with the customer. Here, all technical improvements are tested and optimized not only under laboratory conditions but all in the hard day to day work of a production plant before they are used by the customer. The same applies to operation under a pure hydrogen atmosphere, a procedure which has been practiced without disruption in our company since the 1950s and which is used today in an improved manner as a standard procedure in many modern annealing shops.

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