Grünewald High-Capacity Bell Type Annealing Furnaces

  • Gas, electrically or oil fired
  • For steel and non-ferrous metals - suitable for various heat treatment processes such as bright annealing, spheroidizing, process annealing, normalizing etc.

The special features of our latest bell type annealing furnaces are:

  • high-capacity annealing bases with optimized circulating fans in gas tight design and with diffusers shaped to allow a maximum flow of protective gas as well as high convective heat transfer to the material to be annealed in order to achieve a very close temperature uniformity inside the material pile
  • atmosphere gas control equipments, hydrogen-safety systems, automatic coupling of energy and protective gases for troublefree and economic operation
  • low energy consumption by insulating the heating bells with ceramic fibre and using modern burners with recuperator system
  • slow cooling system integrated in the heating bells
  • bright annealing inner covers "GRÜNEWALD SYSTEM"
  • hydraulic clamping devices (GRÜNEWALD design) for gas tight, safe and automatic sealing between inner bright annealing cover and annealing base
  • specially cooling hoods of different design - on request forced cooling by mens of additional jet coolers
  • advanced measuring, regulation and control technology offering automation, user-definable temperature programmes, exact timing of annealing and cooling gradients in order to obtain special material properties. A process automation system cares for safety supervision, quality assurance and documentation of process data

Grünewald Overhead Bell Type Annealing Furnaces are of special design, used in annealing shops without a crane to lift the heating bell. The stationary heating bell rests on a carrying stage while the annealing bases are moved on rails. By means of a special hydraulic lifting device the charged annealing base with bright annealing inner cover is lifted up into the furnace. The annealing process being finished the base is lowered again in order to be cooled down with the cooling hood.

Modern measuring and control technology alllows maximum automation of these parts.

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